WKBT Upgrades their Broadcast Operation with NVerzion’s NFinity Video Server


WKBT of La Crosse, Wisconsin, has upgraded their broadcast facility with NVerzion’s NFinity Video Server and Automation package.

Salt Lake City, Utah Feb 27, 2024 (Issuewire.com) – WKBT of La Crosse, Wisconsin, has upgraded its broadcast facility with NVerzion’s NFinity Video Server and Automation package. The station had previously utilized an older automation system from NVerzion in conjunction with third-party video servers for playout. The necessity for new technology arose as the original video servers began to age. The decision was made to implement the NFinity Video Server, with several factors contributing to the selection, including reliability and positive past experience with NVerzion systems. The station’s Chief Engineer had successfully operated NVerzion’s NFinity video server at another location several years ago. The previous setup also included an external transcoder machine, which was becoming outdated and lacked adequate support. The primary driving force behind choosing the NFinity system was its capability to handle various file formats without transcoding. This feature significantly streamlined operations and justified the investment in the NFinity system.

Operational efficiency has been enhanced in the following manner; transitioning from GPI to SCTE triggers, particularly for OTT commercial insertion services between the NVerzion Automation and NFinity video servers. The new system demonstrates increased speed compared to the station’s previous video server configuration. Eliminating transcoding was a pivotal factor in WKBT’s purchase decision, saving the team significant time with its built-in features. The facility’s integration of Pitch Blue and Extreme Reach for syndicated shows has aligned with the functionality of NFinity, further enhancing their operational efficiency. Training and service have consistently met WKBT’s expectations, contributing to their overall equipment satisfaction.

Though the initial integration of WKBT’s legacy router posed a challenge, NVerzion’s team successfully established communication between the systems.

“The integration was very smooth and NVerzion’s support has never missed a step. The features that are built into their software were exactly what we needed,” said Mike Kuszewski, Chief Engineer at WKBT. “If we have any issues, we just call. With NVerzion it’s direct, no complicated wait.”

“We recognized the need to bring WKBT forward with a leading-edge hardware and software upgrade,” said Reed Haslam, NVerzion’s director of sales. “It’s great to see such an established client expand their facility. This says a lot as they’ve taken advantage of our latest technology and continued partnership. Our Automation package and NFinity Video Server will offer WKBT an exceptional end result and a great continued relationship going forward.”

To learn more about NVerzion’s products and how it can streamline existing content recording and playback operations, please visit https://www.nverzion.com.

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WKBT, the local CBS affiliate in La Crosse, extends its coverage across western Wisconsin, southeastern Minnesota, and northeast Iowa. Beyond live TV broadcasts, WKBT provides continuous news updates on its acclaimed website, News8000.com, and dedicated mobile apps for news and weather. Committed to community support, WKBT is honored to be a member of the family-owned and -operated Morgan Murphy Media group. WKBT’s emphasis is on community-centric journalism, delivering factual reports and narratives that celebrate the vibrant individuals and locales contributing to the excellence of La Crosse.

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NVerzion is a leading provider of cutting-edge broadcast automation, TV master control, and video server solutions that bring increased efficiency and cost savings to digital broadcasting and television stations. NVerzion enables broadcasters to control media content acquisition and distribution equipment, allowing intuitive operation, and taking the guesswork out of system implementation, along with worldwide training, service, and support.

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