‘The Happiness Warrior’ Eric North’s Guide to a Healthier Workplace

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New York City, New York May 24, 2024 (Issuewire.com) – Eric North is a life coach, best-selling author, and motivational speaker who has dedicated his life to guiding his followers toward the right way of living life. He particularly shares his philosophy so that his followers can find the ultimate happiness and solace in their lives. This also earned him the nickname ‘The Happiness Warrior’ by his acolytes, and now he shares his wisdom on creating a healthy workplace, extremely essential for a healthy and happy life. Eric shares that some of his happiest memories in life have been in jobs where he worked with people with whom he felt a common rapport, purpose, and sense of mission. He describes that it is a feeling of belonging and teamwork where trust is vital and always welcomed by people’s words and actions. Similarly, he had other jobs that were complete disasters, and he encountered a lot of sociopathic coworkers and supervisors. He describes this is where the survival mode will kick in and he has to learn to adapt and deal with his challenges and he tells his followers to do the same.

North says there is always a lesson in even the worst-made plans and directives so it is always recommended to never stay in a place where people aren’t valued and appreciated. He further says that there is always something better than what people are encouraged to believe, as fear is the only thing holding them back and there is always collateral damage. North explained the other jobs he worked were life-changing and completely altered his perspective and raised his vibration. He learned one thing for certain, no matter where he has been or whatever he has done, he always found his joy in human connections and moments of true happiness. He realized he had always enjoyed the camaraderie that comes when working with others with similar goals and visions. It is the connection and mindset that organically provide growth in people’s education and habits that serve their purpose.

As the leader the scope of his days and oversights is always expanding as North constantly crafts his reality and manages his destiny. This is what work or having a job means to ‘The Happiness Warrior’. To make sure that his followers feel the same within their respective workplaces, North shares ten ways to make the workplace happier and more life-affirming. The first way involves team building which North found to be something that helps people to target and develop their skills. He asks his followers to make team building a group effort and encourage individuals to voice their ideas and strategies. He thinks this will help create a culture where people share their skills and values. He further says that in a professional environment, a greeting or acknowledgment is always a way to facilitate more natural interactions and exchange of ideas. So saying Good Morning or a friendly Hello is always the way to bring people together in the workplace. He says consistency and attitude are a sure way to win both in and out of the workplace.

The Life coach advises to never hold back from giving praise or recognition when someone has an achievement or met an important goal. This is how people can raise their vibration and subsequent actions. It is a feel-good opportunity that helps raise self-esteem all around. He further says knowing one’s value is paramount to being happy and purposeful and once people know their value, the path ahead becomes more hopeful. ‘The Happiness Warrior’ then says that there are always people in the workplace who spend most of their time complaining and making themselves the victim. They drag others in and talk mostly about themselves or others draining people’s happiness and holding others back. He advises to stay steer clear and interact with those who are bright and welcoming, as happy and successful people are always ready to help others who are struggling and share their wisdom. The next advice would be for people to show up every day and be their best. This is how people shine and raise their value and purpose in the workplace.

The best-selling author asks his followers to find meaning in what they do because that is they can find more fulfillment with what people do, and the impact it has on the world. It is also important to help each other at work to heal on a personal level. At the same time, North places importance on empathy as he says it goes a long way toward creating a happier workplace. When people understand that they do not always know what others are going through, they can better control their own emotions. The next step would be to set goals for job achievement and advancement and stick to them which helps people to rely more on themselves and make self-discipline effortless. The last way to make work a healthier place would be to have fun and laugh together. For this, outside events and non-work-related activities are a great opportunity to let people’s guard down occasionally and get to know and appreciate each other on a higher level. For more great advice, visit www.thwarrior.com.

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