Sarytogan Graphite achieves breakthrough in nuclear-grade purity

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Sarytogan Graphite Ltd (ASX: SGA) managing director Sean Gregory sits down with Proactives Jonathan Jackson to discuss how its high-purity graphite, previously verified at above 99.999% carbon purity, has achieved an impressive Equivalent Boron Content (EBC) assay of 1.1 ppm. This result is well below the 2 ppm maximum required for nuclear-grade graphite, confirming its suitability for high-specification applications such as nuclear reactors. This benchmark was achieved through independent assays performed in the USA, highlighting the graphite's compliance with stringent international standards. Gregory says that this achievement adds a super-premium aspect to their product range, enhancing its appeal in various markets, including lithium-ion batteries and advanced industrial applications. He also notes that the pre-feasibility study is progressing as planned, with publication expected in the third quarter of the year. Graphite's essential role in nuclear reactors as a moderator, which helps maintain a continuous chain reaction, is underscored by the necessity for high purity to avoid neutron absorption by impurities like boron. The global demand for nuclear graphite, driven by renewed investment in nuclear power, underscores the strategic importance of Sarytogan's developments in this area. In addition to nuclear uses, Sarytogan is expanding its product line to include three main types – microcrystalline graphite for traditional uses, Uncoated Spherical Purified Graphite (USPG) for lithium-ion batteries and Ultra High Purity Fines (UHPF) for advanced industrial applications.

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