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MJ Attach, a designer and developer of luxury Italian-made leather bags and accessories for the cannabis connoisseur, announced today the official launch of the business. The commencement of MJ Attach is marked by the introduction of the first-of-its-kind, premium, 100% Italian leather bag, The Anthony, carefully curated for cannabis cache and carry. The Anthonys debut comes just in time for April 20th, a day when cannabis is celebrated.

MJ Attach debuts The Anthony, a first-of-its-kind, premium, 100% Italian leather bag for cannabis cache and carry
MJ Attach debuts The Anthony, a first-of-its-kind, premium, 100% Italian leather bag for cannabis cache and carry

MJ Attachs bags are market-disrupting; they boast patent-pending modular elements — not found in any other bag — that encourage a personalized cannabis experience specific to each ones individual consumption needs. Catering to both male and female cannabis users, The Anthonys novel magnetic, re-attachable accessories are fully customizable. Elements inside the bag can be easily added or deleted, depending on what each user prefers for their cannabis self-care ritual.

Cleverly crafted by hand in Florence, Italy of the finest Italian leather, The Anthonys features distinguish it from any other cannabis carry-all bag currently available in the market. Available in five colors, The Anthony bag includes a secure lock closure, removable smooth leather rolling tray, modular elements for customization, such as a pipe case, lighter sleeve, jar sleeve a smell-proof glass jar and a removable, adjustable crossbody strap. The combination of the leather and smell-proof jar aids in disguising odors and keep contents discreet.

The MJ Attach brand challenges outdated, inaccurate stereotypes of cannabis consumers by offering mainstream users a way to elevate their cache-and-carry preferences and experiences. Cannabis has come a long way from its prior perceptions, and MJ Attach recognizes its broader adoption by users spanning the spectrum.

Like many entrepreneurs, ideas are often spurred by personal experience. MJ Attach is no exception. Founder Christy Fuicelli created the brand and designed its premium bag when she was personally searching for a sophisticated, safe and discreet carry-all solution for her cannabis and accessories. She came up emptyhanded when shopping for options of the same high-quality, sophistication and style to which she was accustomed. Fuicelli believed this void in the marketplace stemmed from stigmas associated with overall cannabis use and she set out to change the market landscape with the design, development and introduction of The Anthony.

I went on a crusade to create a stylish, luxury, handcrafted bag many would be proud to carry. With its impeccable style, quality Italian leather components and customizable modular system, The Anthony bag transcends the outdated stoner stereotypes cannabis users are often perceived as and creates the ultimate luxury cannabis experience. I travelled on this journey witnessing nearly a dozen iterations of The Anthony until I was pleased because I could not find a functional, sophisticated, stylish and well-made cannabis transport option, which sparked my interest in developing one myself, entrepreneur Fuicelli said.

Additionally, I was determined to challenge preconceived notions relating to cannabis use stereotypes. Many people use cannabis medicinally as well as to reduce stress and anxiety and promote relaxation. For me, my cannabis use not only helped alleviate certain medical conditions but also can be directly attributed to the deep creativity it ignited in me, sparking my idea for The Anthony and other bags and accessories in the MJ Attach product line. I am hoping adoption of The Anthony and other MJ Attach offerings will simplify the lives of cannabis users around the world. The Anthony truly marks an entry into a market where no other bag like it exists, Fuicelli concluded.

The Anthony, with a price point of $2,150.00, can be purchased here. Looking ahead, MJ Attach is currently developing other cannabis bag styles and accessories, which are slated for introduction into the marketplace in the latter part of 2024.

About MJ Attach

Denver-based MJ Attach is a designer and developer of high-quality, handmade Italian leather bags and accessories for the cannabis connoisseur. The luxury brand, with its moniker MJ (short for Mary Jane an alias for marijuana), was founded by entrepreneur Christy Fuicelli, a stylish cannabis user. She realized a void in the marketplace to cache and carry her cannabis in a discreet manor reflective of the luxury she enjoyed in other personal products she owned and believed this stemmed from stigmas associated with cannabis use.

Determined to bridge this gap, MJ Attach was born. Fuicelli set out to create a premium bag that would appeal to both male and female cannabis users. She spent years designing and creating beautifully crafted bags that embody elevated style, sophistication, high quality and fine craftmanship. By bringing ease and style to the cannabis industry with her bags, MJ Attach brings the first accessory of its kind, The Anthony bag, to the marketplace.

For more information, visit www.mjattache.com and connect with the Company and its products on Facebook and Instagram.

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