‘Marketing Management’ by Dr. Qaisar Abbas Fatimi Set to Illuminate the Market on March 31

Marketing Management Book

Set to redefine the marketing playbook, Dr. Fatimi’s work offers unparalleled insights into marketing management, launching with Notion Press.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Mar 27, 2024 (Issuewire.com) – Digital Marketing with QAF, a leading platform in the field of digital marketing, proudly announces the release of Dr. Qaisar Abbas Fatimi’s latest book, “Marketing Management,” set to launch on March 31, 2024. Published by Notion Press, this eagerly anticipated work comes as a sequel to Dr. Fatimi’s acclaimed book “Marketing: Theory, Practice, and Perspectives,” further cementing his status as a luminary in the field of marketing.

Dr. Qaisar Abbas Fatimi, a distinguished figure with a Ph.D. in Marketing, is celebrated for his expertise in blending academic theory with practical marketing applications. His profound dedication to understanding and teaching the complexities of marketing in the digital age has made him a revered name among marketing professionals and academics alike. As the founder of www.digitalmarketingwithqaf.com, Dr. Fatimi has created an invaluable resource for those seeking to navigate the intricate world of digital marketing, offering cutting-edge research, trends, and strategies.

“Marketing Management” promises to be an essential addition to the libraries of marketing professionals, students, and enthusiasts. It aims to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of contemporary marketing strategies, enriched by Dr. Fatimi’s deep insights into marketing research, data analytics, digital marketing, and strategic planning. The book is designed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, offering a guide to navigating the challenges and opportunities of marketing in today’s digital landscape.

“We are thrilled to present ‘Marketing Strategy’ by Dr. Qaisar Abbas Fatimi, a work that embodies our commitment to advancing the field of marketing through education and practical insights,” said a spokesperson for Digital Marketing with QAF. “This publication is a testament to Dr. Fatimi’s dedication to empowering professionals and students with the knowledge and tools needed for success in the digital marketplace.”

“Marketing Management” is more than just a book; it is a compass for those looking to excel in the dynamic world of marketing, providing guidance, inspiration, and a path to achieving marketing excellence.

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Digital Marketing with QAF is a premier online platform founded by Dr. Qaisar Abbas Fatimi, designed to offer comprehensive resources in digital marketing. The platform serves as a hub for the latest in industry research, trends, and strategies, catering to professionals and students eager to excel in the digital marketing sphere.


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